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  • Have you experienced distressing or traumatic events that continue to impact you, even if they occurred a long time ago?

  • Are you struggling in important relationships?

  • Is anger, anxiety, or depression robbing you of the ability to pursue goals and enjoy life?

  • Do you feel "stuck" in patterns of problematic behavior?

  • Are you feeling "stressed out" and "overwhelmed" with life?

My Practice

Often, symptoms such as anxiety, depression, excessive guilt, low self-esteem, and compulsive behaviors, among others, are rooted in distressing experiences that have led to feeling “stuck”, struggling to process our feelings, and making us vulnerable to their influence in the present. Working through those experiences in a compassionate and respectful way can free you up for much greater calm  and confidence in life.  I offer supportive counseling that identifies and builds on strengths, encourages growth, supports change, and teaches skills.

Treatment Focus

 An integrative mental health practice dedicated to supporting the whole person – mind, body, spirit – treating a spectrum of mental health issues, specializing in treating trauma, to include physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, combat related trauma, military family issues, and first responders.  

Inspired By

A vision to provide specialized, collaborative, and highly personalized care for those who are struggling from the impact of loss, change, betrayal, infidelity, PTSD, family/marital conflict, divorce, or feeling “angry all the time”; utilizing evidenced based approaches of PE, EMDR, CPT, and IFS.